Great care has been taken to select only the finest ingredients and to incorporate the most delectable recipes into the menu. Sweet Mama’s Sould Food and Salad Bars offers impressive salads, sophisticated dished and mouth watering B.B.Q which are ideal for a lunch or carb-conscious guests. The hearty eater won’t be disappointed with the numerous juicy chicken, which are served with vegetables and a choice of potatoes, or choose from the contemporary seafood options.

Sweet Mama’s Sould Food and Salad Bars, food is prepared under the highest hygienic standards. Only the freshest of vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry are used in the recipes. Patrons, as well as parents of younger children, should rest assured that they are being delivered the best in quality and quantity.

All food items have clearly defined labels with expiry dates and proper storage techniques are implemented for all poultry and diary items, all of which must be stored at the correct temperatures. Separate chopping boards are used for preparing raw meat, poultry and seafood and for fresh produce such as salads, fruit and vegetables. Marinades that have already been used on raw meat for cooked food are never reused. About our great food… It is prepared with only the freshest ingredients by our creative chefs under the watchful eye of long-standing chef MAHAMADI. We can satisfy any craving! Seafood is always fresh, never frozen! Inventive pastas and our signature salads and soups are always a hit! In addition to our menu items, we also offer daily lunch and dinner specials.


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